The Gulliest MLS Fantasy League Sign-Up Form

Answer the 5 questions below to receive the link to our MLS Fantasy League!

We created this form so we could actually know who we’re talking to. Last year we had a bunch of people sign up and we had no idea who was kicking our ass in the league!

We wanted to create a Fantasy league for Cooligans fans so we can have a community of people who support what we’re doing and want to play some fantasy sports with a pair of stand-up comedians!

Finish the form below and you’ll receive the MLS Fantasy invite link immediately after you hit Submit.

We also want to give a huge shoutout to On The Volley Apparel and Talisman & Co. for donating prizes for our potential winners!


1st Place: $50 in real money! + On The Volley Apparel T-Shirt + Talisman Cap

2nd Place: On The Volley Apparel T-Shirt

3rd Place: Talisman Cap



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